Versah Rewards Program

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The Versah Rewards Program was developed as an expression of appreciation for all the positive feedback and word of mouth referrals from our clinicians.

The rules are simple – for every Densah bur you purchase, you’re awarded 100 points. After accumulating 1000 points, you’ll receive a free Densah bur of your choice!

When you refer a colleague, and they inform us you have referred them, you’ll receive the same number of points as they do on their first order. For example, if you refer a colleague to Versah and they purchase 6 Densah burs, both you and your referred colleague will receive 600 Reward Points.

Versah Rewards Program FAQ
Who is eligible to participate in the Densah® Bur Rewards Program?

Any duly licensed dentist that makes a purchase directly through us, either through our official website at or by calling our order line at (844) 711-5585 is eligible to participate in the Rewards Program. In participating in this Rewards Program, you must also accept the Densah Bur Rewards Program Terms and Conditions.


Which products earn rewards points?

Reward points are only earned on purchases of the Densah Burs



How and on what do I use my rewards points?

You can redeem your points by calling us at (+30) You can only use your rewards points towards the Densah Burs. Please note that points cannot be used towards shipping or the payment of taxes in connection with an order.



Can I trade my rewards points for cash?

No, rewards points have no cash value and no property value.



How are rewards points calculated?

There are two ways to earn points. You will earn 100 rewards points for each Densah Bur purchased. For example, if you purchase a Densah Bur kit and it contains 12 Densah Burs, you will earn 1,200 points. You may also earn points by referring new clinicians to us. You’ll earn 100 points for each Densah Bur purchased by that new customer on their first order. For example, if you tell your colleague about Densah Burs, and they end up purchasing 6 burs, both of you will earn 600 rewards points.



How do I check my rewards points balance?

To check your rewards points balance, call us at (+30) Your balance is also on the invoice sent to you after each purchase.



Can I pool or transfer my rewards points with another dentist in my practice?

No, at this time, the rewards points cannot be pooled or transferred. Rewards points are earned on each individual account, which is assigned to an individual dentist.



Do my points expire?

Yes, your points expire if you do not make any purchases directly from Versah within a 36-month period. Densah Bur purchases from distributors will not earn points.




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